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It all started when…

In the early 1990s, recreational youth sports leagues in Houston, Texas, were facing a facilities and green space crisis. Most youth sports leagues operated on public land, either in city parks or on school properties. As the popularity of youth sports grew, there were simply not enough fields on which to play, and the facilities at many of the fields that were available were woefully inadequate. In addition, a wave of new construction, renovation, and expansion at many area public school campuses either eliminated or severely limited several of the school fields that these leagues had called home. As the fields available for children’s sports programs continued to disappear, one by one, many leagues were faced with the prospect of either cutting their offerings or merging with other leagues. Then, one night, over a dinner-table discussion, a group of visionary parents and community leaders launched a plan, and the idea of South Campus was born.



Our Mission

To provide and preserve a well-equipped and safe recreational sports campus for young athletes and their families to enjoy and experience the fun and the life values available through participation in team sports.

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Our Member Leagues