Thank you, Donors!

Without the generous support of these families and companies, South Campus would not be what it is today. You generosity is truly making a difference in the lives of thousands of Houston-area youth athletes. Thank you for donating!

South Campus Donors $75,000 and up

Gibson Gayle, Jr.

Kathy and Greg Geib

The Anchorage Foundation

The Fondren Foundation

The CFP Foundation


Recognized with the Hildebrand Football Field

Mindy and Jeff Hildebrand

Recognized with the Flores Football Field

James C. Flores

Recognized with the Bill Young Baseball Field

Annie and Bob Graham

Recognized with a Football Press Box

Doug and Sarah Foshee

Major Donors $50,000 to $75,000

Recognized with a football press box

David Mafrige

Don and Roy Ann Mafrige

Major donors recognized on the West U Little League welcome sign

Major donors recognized on the West U Little League welcome sign

South Campus Donors $25,000 to $50,000

Recognized with an 8x8 tile on all four welcome signs

Alyce and Bob McLamb

David and Kim Sterling

Eddie Allen

Horizon Resources

In honor of the Thomas Grandchildren

Joseph and Lori Small

Larry and Caroline Heard

The Bauer Foundation

The Cullen Foundation

The Lillian and CW Duncan Foundation

The Lintner Family

The Strake Foundation

Major donors recognized on the SFL/HYLAX welcome sign

Major donors recognized on the SFL/HYLAX welcome sign

South Campus Donors $10,000 to $25,000

Recognized with an 8x8 tile on the WULL and SFL/HYLAX welcome signs

Amie and Jeff Springmeyer

Ed and Elizabeth James

George and Mary Josephine Hamman

In honor of Madison, Reid, Brooks, and Emily Oden

In honor of Sarah and Matt Lowes

In memory of Matthew Resnick

Kathleen and Trey Brady

Kirby and Stephanie Shanks

Melissa Padden

Paul and Janet Hobby

Robert and Kristin Gauntt

Ronny and Dorothy Cuenod

Steve and Kate Gibson

Sue and Richard Edelman

The Baughn Family

The Holthouse Foundation

The Sinclair Family Tolar and Marla Hamblen

Major donors recognized on the West U Softball Association welcome sign

Major donors recognized on the West U Softball Association welcome sign

Recognized with an 8x8 tile on the WUSA and RISE welcome signs

Adrian and Francella Crespo

Betsy and Mike Mercer

Bobby Tudor

Dan and Carol Taylor

Eric Schaeffer

In honor of K.C., Nick, Reid, Patrick, and Steven Lukens

In honor of Sam and Claire Richey

John and Allison Wallace

Lauren and Matt LaFollette

Richard and Kris McGee

Robert and Mary Frappier

Sean and Katherine Keenan

Steve and Sherri Hughey

TAM International

The Lockwood Family

The Rogers Family Fund

The Wood Family: Willie, Gail, Julie, and Nicholas

West University Softball Association

Recognized with an 8x8 tile on the WULL and WUSA welcome signs

Gregg and Carol Thompson

Recognized with an 8x8 tile on the SFL/HYLAX and RISE welcome signs

Barbara Osborne

Major donors recognized on the RISE welcome sign

Major donors recognized on the RISE welcome sign

South Campus Donors $5,000 to $10,000

Recognized with an 8x8 tile on the WULL welcome sign

Craig and Patty Biggio

Enrico and Sandra DiPortanova

Greg, Dale, Julia, and Kirk Waller

In honor of Larkin, Ben, and Denver Branstetter

In honor of R.J., Lexie, Ali, and Austin Ammons

John and Christy Echols

Kathy, Jimmy, Lanier, James, and Beau Brooks

Odette and Bob Mace

Rob and Ellen Blasio

Recognized with an 8x8 tile on the WUSA welcome sign

Fred and Janet Dupre’

Gail and Tom Kennedy

Janet and Mark Jacobs

Judy Ann and Jimmy McCartney

Robert Holt

Sarah Dodd

The Kherker Family

The Robert W. and Pearl Wallis Knox Foundation

The Ulm Family

Recognized with an 8x8 tile on the RISE welcome sign

Bob and Gwen Corrigan

Byron and Carmody Baker

Grady Schneider

In honor of Elise, Laynie, and Julia Johnson

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mogas and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rice

Jennifer and Brian Black

Karen and Paul Davis

Risher Randall, Jr.

Star Tex

The Meinning Family Foundation


Recognized with an 8x8 tile on the SFL/HYLAX welcome sign

Elizabeth and Nick Pefanis

In honor of Andrew, Christian, and Will Walmsley

In honor of Joey, Regina, and Natalie Romano

Jack and Deb Lynch

Kilrush Petroleum, Inc.

Mark and Marsha Soper

The Atkins Family

The Naegli Family

The Tapeats Fund

Recognized with a tree

In honor of Julie Alford—Supportive SFL Mom

In honor of Reed, Caroline, and Grant Peterson

In memory of Gus Wilson

In memory of Jack Day and Frank Muro

In memory of Matthew Resnick

Steven and Kelly Provenzano

The Keeling Family


Recognized with a large bench

Horizon Resources, LP

In honor of Adrian and Kathryn Turnham

In honor of Barry Loder

In honor of Dr. Bill Bryan

In honor of Kiera, Oliver, and Sophie Skelly

In honor of Steve Cooksey

In honor of Will Bertron

In honor or Bill Manias

In memory of Nick Finnegan, “A life that touches others goes on forever.”

Martha Turner Properties

The Pearson Family in honor of Kelsey, Hannah, and Zac

Tim and Elaine Day (2 benches)

South Campus Donors $2,500 to $5,000

Recognized with a 4x8 tile on the WULL welcome sign

Andrea and Stephen Berkman

Andrew and Laura McCullough

Cade and Wendy Burks

Dorothy and Hall Webb

EC Power, Inc.

Houston Jewish Community Foundation

Sandy and Bill Bryan

The Gilbert Family

The Hildreth Family

Will and Mina Jaco

Recognized with a 4x8 tile on the WUSA welcome sign

Bo and Kathleen Dawson

Cameron McCulloch

Chris and Vivie O’Sullivan

Cody and Karen Moore

In memory of Ron Rice

Morgan and Bradford Moody

The Hinckley Family

The Lazear Family

The Paradise Family

The Vanas Family

Recognized with a 4x8 tile on the RISE welcome sign

In honor of Brad D. Wright

In honor of Haley Goble

In honor of Jansa/Nolen Birthday!

Mary Lynn and David Mannon

Ron and Michelle Schwartz

The Simon Family

Recognized with a 4x8 tile on the SFL/HYLAX welcome sign

Barbara and Craig Bushong

In memory of James W. Cannon

Jane and Harry Pefanis

Phil and Sandra Cook

Robby and Laura Winston

Scott and Linda Burdine

Stan and Hillary Stratton

Tali and Eric Blumrosen

The Lucia Family

The Manias Family: Bill, Gretchen, Andrew, and Haydon

Recognized with a small bench

In honor of Jennifer Black

Amegy Bank of Texas

J.C. and Harrison Burks

Matthew and Jimmy Smith

Sean, Callie, Frances, Ellery, and Griffin Wheeler

The Bartlett Family

The Colvin Family

The Fordham Family

The Johnny Carrabba Family

The Meacham Family

The Pels Family: Karen, Gerry, Danielle, and Devyn

South Campus Donors $1,000 to $2,500


Recognized with one 8x8 paver under the East flagpole

2009 WUSA 10U Wave

Allen Reagan

Bill and Maria Boyce

Brooks and Alden Arnold

Cheryl and Larry Boyd

Cynthia Rice

David and Amy Novelli

David Elder

David Gorham

David Underwood

Ed and Pamela Laborde

Gardere, Wynne, Sewell LLP

Gary Peterson

In Honor of Alexandra Galtney

In Honor of Alexandra Hughey

In Honor of Brian Bourgeois

In Honor of Catherine, Billy, and Charlie Cohen

In Honor of Charles Galtney

In Honor of Clarke, Carolyn, and Kent H. Smith

In Honor of Cody Bryan

In Honor of Doris Reagan

In Honor of Elizabeth Hughey

In Honor of Elizabeth, Andrew, and Helen Frierson

In Honor of Jack Strasburger

In Honor of Jamie DeGeorge

In Honor of Jeremy Colvin

In Honor of Kyle Bryan


In Honor of Latane, Bo, and Kate Hughes

In Honor of Matt, Megan, and Allie O'Connor

In Honor of Roland Hernandez

In Honor of Scott Resnick, In Memory of Matthew Resnick

In Honor of Victoria Hughey

In Memory of Alex Berlanga

In Memory of Barbara Pearson

In Memory of Bill Young

In Memory of Clayton Cruthirds

In Memory of Grayson Cuenod

In Memory of John Joseph Klucznik

In Memory of Johnny Arciadiacano

In Memory of Melvin Lewis

In Memory of Nick Finnegan

Jack and Blake Collier

Sample of pavers installed around the two flagpoles

Jay and Suzanne Rippeto

Jean and Rick Jenner

Jodie and Robin Barbé

Joe and Becky Williams

John and Daniel Cohen

John Dickerson

John Marziotti

John, Allyson, Ellen, Jack, and Ross Pellegrin

Jose and Gigi Valera

Judy and Chris Simon

Kathy Bourgeois

Ken and Sarah Fisher

Kenneth Penny

Laura and Don Black

Let's Play Ball! Corrine, Ryan, and Jenna Mercado

Lisa, Steve, Thomas, and Jack Watson

Lynn Lednicky

Mark and Sally Russ

Martha and John Britton

Michael Ainbinder

Michael and Susan Bond

Mike and Dorothy Kaldis

Optimum Dental

Pat and Martha Bergin

Philip Cabaud

Randy Allen

Rich, Maureen, Katie, Sarah, and Rachel Beck

Rodney Allen

Roy Anne and Don Beckham

Sally and John Cox

Scott Moorehead

Scott Morgan

Stacy Smith

Steven Willard

Suzie and Jeff Raizner

Thanks, Mom! The Alford Boys

The Bambace Family

The Bo and Tracy Herrin Family

The Boettiger Family

The Christ Family

The Cranfield Family

The Elliott Smith Family

The Fry Family

The Fyhr Family

The Gage Family

The Green Tree Fund

The Niebruegge Family

The Schwager Family

The Tamlyn Family

The Tanner Family

The Zlotnick Family

Thom Venus

Thomas and Mary Kay Hunt

Tim and Mary Ann Detmering

Tricia and Tommy Thompson

William Windle

Williams, Berg

Recognized with one 8x8 paver under the West flagpole

Allison and Michael Hay

Amy and Jett Williams

Angela and David Dennard

Becky Gorham

Brenda and Tommy Atkins

Brent and Hailey Bechtol

Carol and Lewis Rader

Carolyn and Stephen Cordill

Christ St. Paul

Craig and Kristin Allen

Craig and Renae Nunez

Dede and Will Bertron

Diane and Jim Cain

Donald Black

Duncan Stewart

Elissa Turnham

Eric and Marsha Nichols

Eric, Dahlia, and John Hathorn

Evan and Suzette Harrell

Gil, Ann, and Logan Radtke

Go Express! Natalie and Trip George

Greg and Joanne Piper

Hillery Keith and Steve Gardner

In Honor of 2006 WULL 10U American League All Stars

In Honor of Alex and Sydney Beckham

In Honor of Amy, Kyle, Luke, and Haley Shoebotham

In Honor of Andrew Leyendecker

In Honor of Bar Pierce

In Honor of Brooks and Alden Arnold

In Honor of Calli Colvin

In Honor of Cameron Smith

In Honor of Charlotte and Jack Curtin

In Honor of Conner and Graham Quinn

In Honor of David Bryan

In Honor of Dorothy Caram

In Honor of Elizabeth Hoskins

In Honor of Henry Hughey

In Honor of Jamie Healing

In Honor of Jeff Paine

In Honor of Justin Colvin

In Honor of Kaitlyn, Peyton, and Cole Ross

In Honor of Kathleen Leyendecker

In Honor of Kelley and Mary Harrison

In Honor of Kylie and McKinley Wade

In Honor of Lizzie and Ryan Clements

In Honor of Matthew Galtney

In Honor of McKenzie Hull, Lanier and Lamar Women's Lacrosse

In Honor of Ned Crady, Bo Dawson, and John Wallace

In Honor of Paige and Jack Killelea

In Honor of Patrick Leyendecker

In Honor of Sam, Marcus, and Curtis Donovan

In Honor of Sarah Bryan

In Honor of Sydney and Carter Franz

In Honor of Sydney and Shelby Dupré

In Honor of The Jaco Boys: Reid, Kent, and Bret

In Honor of Travis Bryan

In Honor of Trey and Alexandra Lewis

In Honor of Tyson and Carson Luna

In Honor of Warren Berlanga

In Honor of Will and Ben Ledig

In Memory of Edward Paxton Bergin, Jr.

In Memory of Little League Fan Nuna L.S. Hovnatanian

Jocelyn Ellis and Steven Haydon

Joe Smith

John and Pam Strasburger

Kathy Watkins and Robin Harrison

Kelley, Ellen, and Jared Burch

Kirt and Kelly Broesche

Laurel, Landon, Jessica, and Cameron McKelvey

Mac and Jack Rowe

Melissa and Houston Johnson

Meng Yeh and Camilo Parra

Meredith and Mark Barineau

Mike and Kathy Long

Mike, Patty, and Chris Tilton

Nancy and Andy Tarkington

Nick Golden and Family

Patti, Matt, Sarah, Michael, and Katherine Brock

Paul and Devron Vrana

Renee and James Webster

Simon Grant

Stephen and Cyndi Slade

Stephen, Robin, Michael, Tyler, and Lachlan Murray

The Alcorn Family

The Bortz Family

The Foreman Family

The Gobillot Family: Ted and Lori, Emma, Joe G., and Lindsay

The Hammer Family

The Johnsons: Grant, Jack, Gary, and Jennifer

The Mitchell Cox Family

The Nevins Family- Alexander, Dalton, Trippe, and Elizabeth

The Symmes Family

Thomas Edwards

Tim, Emily, Connor, and Reese Sullivan

South Campus Donors $500 to $1,000

Recognized with one 4x8 paver under the East flagpole

2007 SFL Junior Bears

2008 Texans Baseball Team

2008 WULL Pee Wee Cobras

2010 SFL Shamrock Coaches

Andrew Waite

Baird Craft

Barrett and Susan Reasoner

Carol Helliker and David Luther

Carol, Dale, Kelly, Parker, and Collin Brant

Christina and Jim Buaas

Cody Moore

Cynthia Woo and Andy Chan

Eric and Melody Rodriguez

Hideaway Creek Ranch

HYLAX Hornets

In Honor of 2008 Express Pumas Coaches John Vogel and Mike Welch

In Honor of 2009 10U West U Splash

In Honor of 2010 SFL Sophomore Cougars: Champions

In Honor of Alex and Erin Buchholz

In Honor of Alexei Passmore

In Honor of Anna and Caroline Boerwinkle

In Honor of Barry Loder

In Honor of Coach Rodney Nathan- 2009 SFL Sophomore Longhorns

In Honor of Conner Young

In Honor of Ed and Patrick Bayouth

In Honor of Emily Ivy, Lamar Women's Lacrosse

In Honor of Emily Sudela

In Honor of Eric Hathorn

In Honor of Grace and Graham Newick

In Honor of Grace and Sarah Hansen

In Honor of Greg Geib

In Honor of Jack Miller

In Honor of Kaitlyn Sudela

In Honor of Kathryn and Timothy Pierce

In Honor of Katie Keenan

In Honor of Kirsti Stenoien, Lamar Women's Lax

In Honor of Lax Boys Lyon, Neat, and Anderson

In Honor of Luke, Quinton, and Lilly Cone

In Honor of Meg and Grace Gibson

In Honor of Meredith and Morgan Lerner

In Honor of Michael and Christopher Reul

In Honor of Mitch, David, and Matthew Harris

In Honor of Nicole and Jacky Jordan

In Honor of Pete and Kathy Lynch

In Honor of Ryan and Kyle Smith

In Honor of Sam Folb

In Honor of Sean Black

In Honor of Sidney Thomas

In Honor of the Bayley Children: Graham, Adam, and Anna Belle

In Honor of Tom Kennedy

In Honor of Travis and Conner Parker

In Honor of Wade and Wallace Greene

In Memory of Samuel Reading Bertron

Jim and Michele Grace, Connor, and Isabelle

Joe and Deborah Mosichuk

John and Kim Heck

Larry and Becky Wall, Jonathan and Allyson

Laura Tauber

Lila, Callie, Sandy, and Will Lowe Family ♥ Lax

Lou and Buddy Rosenfeld

Michael Lewitton and Allison Lipshultz

Molly and Robert Sample

Pat and Maureen Swanson

Patrick Kirby

Patty and Richard Legler

Paul and Kay Michelle Wright

Polly Kinnibrough and Jose Berlanga

Richard Patterson

Shannon and Colin Rice

Stephen and Jane Mouser

The Clark Family

The Frierson Family

The Harpold Family

The Hayes Family

The Martinez Boys

The Mason Family

The Newton Family

The Schachter Family

The Stinebaugh Family

The Timm Family

The Tülek Family

Vance and Kristin Tillman

Wayne Risoli

Wendy Rico

Recognized with one 4x8 paver under the West flagpole

Bill Helfand

Blair and Clay Manley

Bottomline Energy

David Wainwright

Deborah Hosichuk

Ed and Diana Diaz

Fran and Mark Berg

Gerry and Barb Bracht

Graco Mechanical

In Honor of 2008 WUSA IMP Pumas and Coach Greg Geib

In Honor of 2011 12U West U Vortex

In Honor of 2012 SFL Junior Aggies and Coach Antonio Armstrong

In Honor of Anna and Lindsay Elwood

In Honor of Antonio Armstrong

In Honor of Denman Heard

In Honor of Ellie, Sydney, and Sloan Davidson

In Honor of Frank Keenan

In Honor of Haddon and Parker Hughes

In Honor of Hank Sudela

In Honor of Hilary, Abby, and Will Johnston

In Honor of Jordan and Peyton Howard

In Honor of Madeline McCurry

In Honor of Matthew, John, and Daniel Davis

In Honor of Mitchell Black

In Honor of Perry and Brownie Porterfield

In Honor of Robby Winston

In Honor of Sarabeth, Nato, and Zosia Sandweiss

In Honor of Shawn Sudela

In Honor of Ted Keenan

In Honor of Thomas Powell and Jack McInnis

In Honor of Will and Haley Strickland

In Memory of Bernard F. James

In Memory of Shelley Clutterbuck

J. Hoke Peacock

Janell and Mike Rogers

Jim Rice

Joni and Mark Fichter

Jud and Zoe Ann Bailey

Kurt and Cindy Keene

Leslie Medlin

Lucy and Ernie Seward

Melissa and Tom Woodruff

Missy and John Duffie

Morgan Lloyd

Paul and Linda Pike

Peter Norman, M.D.

Rebecca Katic

Rob and Blake Adams

Robert Amato

Roger, Noel, Ryan, Drew, and Blake Rankin

Scott and Laurie Dorfman

Shelley and David Huff

Statesman Business Advisors, LLC

Steve Shiller

Susan and Joel Hoffman

Teresa Duryea

TFI Resources

Thad Dameris

The Ames-Burks Family

The Blackwood Family

The Brosig Family

The Cornelius Family

The Ewing Family

The Galliano Family

The Jaggi Family

The Juden Family

The Pruner Family

The Todd Neal Family

The Twyman Family

Tim Cornelson

Walter and Melinda O'Connell

WULL Auxiliary

Zaira Noce